About us

The Polish Ocean Lines (POL) is a shipowner with over 50 years of experience in conventional and container shipping. After transformation in 1990s the activities of the company have been concentrated on shipping and shipchandler's services. The tonnage of the POL is at present operated by daughter company the POL-Levant Shipping Lines.

The POL is a member of the BIMCO as well as a number of other domestic and international organizations and associations.Shipping activities. The company maintains regular shipping services, operating conventional and roll on-roll off tonnage between the Baltic and North Sea ports to selected ports of the Mediterranean Sea (located in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey).The POL provides sea transport services with its own bill of lading from the ports of China and the Far East in co-operation with other shipowners within the NVOCC (Non Vessel Operated Common Carrier) scheme.Shipchandler's activities:On the basis of many years of experience in organizing catering, a special division of the POL - Supply Shipchandler supplies food, technical, hotel accommodation and related goods. Delivering the provisions to key shipowners calling Polish ports in Gdynia, Gdansk and Szczecin - the POL Supply Shipchandler maintains an important position in this segment of catering services and its market share amounts to 25%.Polish Ocean Lines

Al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 1
81-406 Gdynia, Poland

Phone No. +48 58 668 96 01
e-mail: pol@pol.com.pl

President of the Board
Marek Orent